Building Your Team


Objective of the Program:

  • The objective of the Team Building Program is to teach the Team Leader and the Admin Assistant all systems, tools and procedures required to create and operate an effective Stage 1 Team, and the basic skills to hire and manage Buyer Agents.

Program Takeaways:

  • By the completion of the program the Team Leader will have:

    • Developed new leadership skills

    • A fully complete Procedures Manual and related checklists

    • A well-trained Admin Assistant who can operate the five fundamental lead generation systems for the team

    • A well trained Admin Assistant  who is capable of performing all administrative tasks required by the team, which allows the Team Leader to focus on other activities

    • Management tracking reporting systems

    • A sound business plan;

    • A financial and wealth building plan.

  • When completed, the Team Leader will have an effective operating business, which will allow the Team Leader to hire as many Buyer Agents as he/she can handle.

Topic Overview:

  • The program will help the Team Leader develop systems and tools in five key areas, including:

  1. Marketing/Lead Generation systems;

  2. People/Leadership systems;

  3. Administrative systems;

  4. Personal management systems;

  5. Financial management and wealth-building systems.